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Great news everyone! A little birdy has whispered that our hard work on the Danish feature film "Birthday Girl" last year in Spring will finally be seen by movie fans - the film will premiere at the prestigious Zurich Film Festival in Autumn of this year.

No wider release has been announced yet.

We cast many side roles & all extra roles on this Danish thriller drama featuring the story of a woman who looks for the attacker of her daughter on a cruise ship at the Bahamas - everything shot in Estonia!

You can read more about the premiere news HERE

Director: Michael Noer
Writers: Jesper Fink & Michael Noer
Cinematographer: Adam Wallensten
Production Designer: Søren Schwartzberg
Art Director: Kaia Tungal
Costume Designer: Pille Küngas
Make Up Designer: Gristina Pahmann
Editor: Jacob Thuesen
Production: Nordisk Film Production & Nafta Films

Keep an eye on more news about "Birthday Girl" on IMDB


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